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Government collaborations for child protection and prevention of trafficking in women and girls

The trafficking of human being is the third largest income generating activities for organised crime after weapons / arms and drug smuggling and generates billions of dollars of illegal funds annually.


The overall aim of the programme is to compact trafficking in human beings, especially Women and Children

This will be done through information collection and dissemination, strengthening civil societies, raising awareness and creating sustainable linkages


Vulnerable communities, especially women and children from poor households and villages located in areas often targeted by traffickers.

The target beneficiaries are the women and children aged between four and twenty five from the vulnerable household in khulna Division of Bangladesh and the West Bengal Panchayats of India who are most at risk of being targeted by human traffickers.

The valediction ceremony of beautician course at Swarupnagar block office

Working Towards Women Empowerment and Child Rights

We believe in developing and working with networks at community, national and international levels with a rights based approach.