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Icchapur handicapped children project

Integrated Project for Differently Abled Children

Project location : Ichhapur

A total of 10 children and young adults are provided with education and vocational training support, health care and nutritional support. Among them 2 are studying in B.A. 2nd year, 1 completed graduation, another one could not pass. Another one is in B.A. 3rd year, other 4 operate from home. Out of the 4 beneficiaries who are operating from home, 2 are earning an income through candle making, another one is doing rental business on electrical goods and repairing. WIF provided him with financial support to buy sound system to start business. One beneficiary is provided with a new wheel chair for easy movement.

Sushovan making candles

Working Towards Women Empowerment and Child Rights

We believe in developing and working with networks at community, national and international levels with a rights based approach.